The Ultimate Distraction

Eunoia Review

A gunman stilled by indecision
has a young boy in his sights
and before we know
the frame shifts
                              to a different war
with people crowded underground
while the planes arrive
ready to unload their bombs, and just
when we’re about to see
the damage
                        a man appears on a balcony,
tosses a cigarette butt into the street
and answers a call on his cell phone
informing him about a suspect
capable of strapping a bomb
to himself
                     though where he’s going
remains a mystery because
it’s 1965 in Selma and difficult
to tell which stories are made up
but perhaps the answer
                                             lies in
the subtitles to scenes from Stalingrad
in which a love affair is beginning
in the rubble where a man
and woman embrace
                                       without their lips
ever meeting and the story
turns to smoke as stories do
when attention is redirected
as happens with a newsflash…

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