Thinking about Traveling

I don’t really accept that I’m traveling to a place until I get there, until my feet hit the ground and I take in a breath and I can say, “Whoa, I’m not in Atlanta anymore.” As for anxiety, you’d think somebody with actual anxiety would lose their minds over traveling, but the truth is, I just don’t get anxious about it. Usually, I travel with my family, and my mom will plan out our trips for us. But if that doesn’t happen– if, say I’m going on a school trip, and I have a bit of free time– usually I just make sure I have my maps with me and a list of places I want to see. I write down every single thing I buy and how much it cost. I write a list of people for whom I want to get gifts. I always, always bring a notebook for any thoughts or lists I need to make while I’m away. I’ve traveled around plenty since I was a little kid, so it’s lost its ability to freak me out.

Personally, I’m just really excited to go to Canada. After seeing and hearing so much about it, and what a beautiful place it is, I really want to go and see for myself, experience it firsthand. My parents have traveled to Canada and loved it; I have friends who lived there for a period of time. I collect countries like stamps, so I am really jazzed about adding Canada to my collection, right up there next to Italy and France and Switzerland and England. Norway is next, I think. I have a deep appreciation for Norway and its people. But for now, I’ve got my sights set on Toronto, on Canada and its history and culture. Who knows? Maybe I’ll finally get to apply my French speaking skills!

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  1. Sophie Zemrani says:

    With the personality you have, it seems like you would fit in everywhere. Not in a bad, but just stating that you have the friendly and funny type of personality. Just like you said, I’m sure that when you actually step foot in Canada you will enjoy it more than you thought you would. It is nice to know that you are very prepared for every where you go. I wish I was like that . When I travel I kinda just go with the flow and don’t really like to rush things. Seems to me that you travel a lot and are used to “tourist” type of vibe , which is probably why you don’t get anxious.


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