Analysis and Reflection


I thought these blogs were a good way to keep track of our progress in the course; some people found them stressful, no doubt, but I enjoyed the respite from the more pressing work of my other classes. I loved keeping up with everyone’s blogs throughout our trip in Canada, and I loved seeing everyone’s pictures, hearing about their experiences, and sharing my own. These blogs serve as a roadmap through my semester in this class, and I appreciate having it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 300 words isn’t a lot, but it’s enough to convey how much I enjoyed the trip to Canada, how much I appreciated interacting with the Japanese-Canadian residents at Momiji, and all the myriad ways I connected to my classmates. I think these blogs really forced me to look closer at my experiences and to analyze them for lessons or values, which I then took with me through the course and into a new country.

I think I did an okay job in this class. I was definitely more attentive to the assignments than I was last semester, when I couldn’t seem to bring myself to care about any of the readings. So I’m glad I finally got the hang of remembering and completing each assignment more or less on time and in a thorough fashion. I think I could’ve paid more attention in class; with everything that happened in my personal life this semester, there were times I found it difficult to focus. I could’ve been more efficient with the time I spent on my digital story; I think I spent an inordinate amount of time composing the music, when I could’ve been working on making the story itself more effective. And I think I could’ve done the brochure article better, if I had applied myself and were more willing to do the work required to improve it. Nevertheless, I’m proud of that work, and I’m proud of the quality of the blogs I’ve written. I hope I’ll take the skills I’ve learned in this class– whether in writing, audio, or film editing– to all my future courses during the rest of my (hopefully) enriching 4 years at Agnes Scott.

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