On Writing (About Deafness)

As a researcher and potentially as a Deaf activist, I want my online identity to be associated with Deaf education and activism. That’s my field, so it’s only natural that I would want my blog to reflect that. So these are some steps I’m going to take to get to where I want to be.

First, I want to track the progress I’ve made and I am making in my history senior seminar project. It’s been a hard road, but I think exposing the process is important. In my creative writing class, we have to write craft essays, about how we approach the writing process. I think using this blog as a platform for those craft essays on my history senior seminar will help me improve the paper itself.

Second, I want to talk more about my opinions on Deaf issues. As a hearing person, those opinions probably won’t matter. I find myself not caring what most people say on social media, and wondering why they bother. But then I remind myself that they must care about what they talk about as much as I care about Deaf issues. So I’d like to practice sharing my opinions and ignoring that voice in my head that tells me nobody cares.

This blog will still serve as a travel blog. I’m going to D.C. in a couple of days to do some archival research. So I’ll keep posting my pictures and thoughts here, along with the rest of it. Overall, I’m hoping all these elements will be a pool for my leadership experiences in research and my global experiences in travel. Stay tuned for Gallaudet adventures!

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