The Evolution of a Portfolio

It started out as a whole mess on the original Agnes Scott WordPress portal. Now it’s a beautiful, streamlined travel blog slash personal blog slash professional portfolio. How did this Fab Five-worthy makeover happen?

Well first, we had to move off the Agnes portal. She was just holding us back! I couldn’t log in half the time so I wiped her clean and uploaded her to my study abroad blog (my study ablog) that I had created before I left for France back in 2017. A whole year… Oh my God. It’s been a whole year.

While in France, I wrote a lot of posts about my study abroad experiences and how I was growing into a global citizen and all the other buzzwords the Summit curriculum can’t get enough of. I used photos willy-nilly, if at all, and certainly never cited them if they weren’t mine (gasp!). My posts were pretty mundane too, just kind of talking about things that I had done, but they weren’t relatable or insightful. They were just kind of… meh.

And after I came home and started, like, actually living a real life, it became very apparent that I had nothing to write about, really. I was on track to having a vacant blog that would gather dust until the end of time. I was happy. I was content.


Summit 400 had to come along and spoil my complacency. I won’t go so far as to say it inspired me to write. More like, it force-fed me prompts and shoved my nose into other WordPress themes.

But it was good for me and for my blog; the course helped me enhance the quality of each post. I added links, reflections and connections. My images were properly cited when not my own and better than ever when they were. I was on track to having a good, professional-looking portfolio. And the weird thing is? I kept posting to it even when it wasn’t an assignment.

Yeah! It grew on me.

I vented my feelings about my (plural!) senior seminars, I talked about my research experience and I even (spoiler) plan to open up a little about coping with mental illness. It’s become a great platform for me to navigate my final year at Agnes, and to see that, hey, all that talk about Summit maybe wasn’t such a waste after all.

Or maybe it still is, who knows. We’ll see when the next class rolls through. At least they won’t have trauma from GFLI.

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