Acceptance Speech: Finishing My Senior Seminar

I’d like to thank the Academy/Agnes Scott for helping me achieve what I thought was impossible. I finished my senior thesis. 

It’s sixty-six pages. A solid 41 pages over the limit. 

It has 206 footnotes.

It has 101 sources in the bibliography. 

It took me six months, hundreds of hours of tea and tears, and the help of so many wonderful people to get this done.

For those of you who don’t go to Agnes Scott, the rest of this post will not make any sense because I want to thank all the people who helped me for their contributions and you won’t know any of them. But rest assured, I’m done. And it feels like the elephant has finally left the room.

Now to my acceptance speech.

First, I’d like to thank Dr. Mary Cain for teaching an incredible senior seminar, for giving me advice, inspiration, and constructive criticism that made my project something I can be proud of. 

Dr. Kristian Blaich, her husband, was my faculty advisor, and his comments, ideas, and suggestions grew my project into the robust analysis of Deaf history that I like to think it’s become. Thank you to my history parents for all your hard work!

Kristell Garcia Rodriguez was my partner in class, and she read my entire hulking project to make sure it made sense to somebody who was an outsider to the information. Her insights gave a breadth to my paper it didn’t have before, so I want to thank her for all her help.

Chris Bishop was my librarian mentor. He helped me find sources, craft my argument, create an outline, a thesis, brainstormed a structure, checked every single one of my 206 footnotes and my 101 sources for imperfections. Chris spent countless hours both in and out of the office to help me, and I can’t thank him enough. He supported me emotionally, he gave me the confidence to trust that I was right, and he made sure I would be proud of whatever I created. And guess what? I am. Thank you, Chris, for everything. 

Thank you everyone who went on this journey with me: my roommates, Anna, Georgia, and Barb for listening to my constant berating about Deaf people. My friends Molly, Dais, and Cameron, for being available at every hour of the night to listen to my rants about the Deaf. My CWS tutor Jasmyn, for her efforts to help me make this project an accurate depiction of Deaf culture. And of course, to my parents, for helping me go to Paris to do the research I needed, for supporting me in everything I do, and for putting up with all my random tidbits about Deafness at the dinner table. I love you!

To everyone I bugged and bothered, and everyone who gave their time and talent to me for no good reason other than to help me out, thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

Here’s the culmination of dozens of peoples’ efforts to make my work readable: 

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