Gen-Z Job Hunting

Yes, I am Generation Z, thank you very much. Born in 1996, I fall between Millennial destruction and Gen-Z technological savoir-faire.

I mean, I say things like “savoir-faire.” So I’m not exactly easy to categorize. 

But the evidence is against me; being born in 1996 puts me in Generation Z, if we’re ignoring the fact that generation categories are social constructs.  I’m one of the Elders of Gen-Z, but a Gen-Z child all the same. 

Now I’m about to enter the workforce and I’ve noticed that everything seems to still be geared toward Millennials. Articles about Millennial work habits, their needs in the workplace, and their expectations for employment.

But what about people like me, up-and-coming college grads who know how terrible and annoying and naive they are? 

I’ve been researching potential private schools who would be foolish enough to hire somebody right out of college with no teaching certificate. My emails containing my resume, cover letter, and a desperate plea for employment will, at best, be the laughingstock of the teacher’s lounge.  

The Southern Teachers’ Agency was kind enough to help connect me to potential schools, but the unemployment rate for college graduates in 2018 is still 2%, which is 2% too much for my liking.

What if I don’t have a job when I graduate? What if I can’t find anyone who will be willing to let me make students fall in love with history like I did?

I mentioned in my post about Thanksgiving questions that I would either go into stripping or teaching, there’s no in-between. But I don’t have the upper or lower body strength for stripping–– I don’t have the body for stripping in general.

So that in-between is actually starting to look really good.

My ideal post-graduate life would be spent in a bookstore, connecting people to the books that could change their lives, and learning more about the publishing industry. After a year or two of saving money, I could apply to a master’s program in writing or history and become an actually valuable asset, and not just an entitled adolescent.

But that’s not exactly feasible. A gap year doesn’t look good on resumes. So I’m stuck between a rock and an unemployed place.

If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know; I love a good backup plan as much as the next Gen-Z college kid with barely controlled neurosis. 

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