Holiday Miscellany

I’ve been thinking hard about what to write about for this post, because I’m trying to publish a post pretty regularly. But since nothing’s really happened this week, I thought I’d take a bunch of little things and put them together in one master post of miscellany.

To preview: we’ve got a special sauce I made in the dining hall; a couple of half-seen movie reviews; my Spotify yearly wrap-up; and of course, preparing for finals week. {Dun dun dun}

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Let’s get started! 

Special Sauce 

Mollie’s Grill at Agnes Scott is renowned on campus for its culinary mediocrity. But what it lacks in taste, it makes up for with Miss Pat and the service staff, who are always quick with a smile and a compliment for every student (unless you’re that first-year who yelled at Miss Pat once, I will never forgive you). 

However, there is one more upside: the fries. The french fries at Mollies are delicious, whether you order straight or curly. But what makes them even better? Combining honey mustard and barbecue sauce to create–– you guessed it––your very own Chick-Fil-A sauce. Thank me later. 

Half-Baked Movie Reviews 

First, let’s start with Mother! which I saw on Halloween and have been shocked into silence about ever since. For those who don’t know the film, here is a summary of the plot: a man and woman live in Edenic paradise until some randos start showing up– and then more randos. And then more randos. Until World Wars I and II break out right in the living room. 

Fun for the whole family? No. Fun for no one.

A lot of people think the man is supposed to represent God and the director has said that the woman represents Mother Earth, but I think he doesn’t even understand what he’s created. 
Clearly, the woman is God.

The man is too self-absorbed to be a deity; deities don’t need our admiration the way the man does. I’d say the man is humankind and the woman is God, in charge of creation (the house) and the Messiah (the baby) that mankind (the husband) takes from her. It seemed so obvious to me, especially when the woman tells the man she’d given him everything and it wasn’t enough; in Catholicism, we believe God gives us everything, and yet we still turn to other things (other peoples’ approval, materialism, etc.). His gifts (we believe) are never enough for us, and similarly, the woman’s gifts to the man (her body, her time, her attention, her love, her loyalty, her protection, etc.) are never enough for him; he always seeks out the appreciation of his fellow men. 

Anyway, that’s my take on it, with all its holes. Just because we can make something doesn’t mean we should. Click here for more reviews of Mother! Spoiler, they are all terrible.

Another movie review I have is for The Crimes of Grindelwald. I haven’t seen it but I still have thoughts on it, like any good college student. 

All I really have to say is this: until J.K. Rowling gives me a film that is exclusively about Grundelbum and Dumbledore’s relationship, I will boycott every Harry Potter-related piece of garbage she produces. Give me gay 19th-century wizards or get off my Facebook feed. 

Clearly, I’m not the only one with strong feelings about the Crumbs of Grindlyspank.

That’s that on that. Click here for reviews from people who actually went to see it.

My Spotify Wrapped

Apparently I listened to roughly 700 hours of music this year. Which is pretty conservative for me, actually. I’m a little ashamed that Chelsea Cutler ended up being my top artist; I’d like to think I don’t easily fall prey to pop music. But I’m only human. 

Survival 101: Finals Week

We all go through them (except humanities majors). For those well-worn by the storms of many finals over the years, these tips will come as no surprise. For those humanities majors who, like me, find themselves confused, staring down at a Scantron and wondering where you’re supposed to fit your 12-15 page research paper, these tips might just save your life.

Tip one: Accept that you might not survive. You might actually fail. And that’s okay! We put way too much self-worth on grades. Who needs a job after graduation anyway? Who cares (other than you of course) if you don’t graduate summa cum laude because your astronomy class tanked your GPA? *nervous laughter* Nobody cares! Right?

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Tip two: Buy a lot of chocolate. I mean, a lot of chocolate. And the energy drink of your choice. Designate a study spot and do all your studying there. Don’t study in your bed.

Tip three: Don’t pull all-nighters. They’re worse for you than just buckling down and doing the work. 

Tip four: If worse comes to worst, set fire to your professors’ home so they can’t grade your work. 

That last one was brought to you by my roommate Anna, when I asked her for “funny finals prep tips.” Stress makes our humor a bit macabre, so forgive me. 

Most importantly, remember: you are capable. You can do this. If nothing else, all you have to do is live through the hours until Christmas break. And then, you know what comes next.

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And have a great finals week!

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You know I couldn’t write a holiday post without an Elf gif.

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