An Ode to Opportunity

Featured Image Source
by Bruno Moraes

Normally I don’t post poetry here; that’s for my side blog, A Room of My Own. But I figured since I’m still so emotional about the Mars rover Opportunity, I’d take a minute to mourn her loss on the main blog.

I guess you could say I’m taking this opportunity to post my poetry.

Too soon?


On Martian skies darkness bestows
the end of Sun’s last minute-arc. 
I find my battery is low 
and outside it’s getting dark.

For fifteen years I did embark
into starlight’s afterglow,
but now Apollo at last departs
and I find my battery is low.

I provided images, film, and audio 
about this barren galactic park 
to my billion fans below, 
but now for me it’s getting dark.

Fear not my dears, look up, take heart; 
this present sorrow you will outgrow. 
But before I finally depart,
I’ll stay until my battery is low.

I’ve carried all my cargo,
I’ve seen every lovely star,
so mourn not the fading show, 
nor pay attention to the dark. 

These will be my last remarks:
that I have loved this dusty snow,
ruling as a sole monarch, 
despite a battery so low.

And when like me, you’re all alone, 
have learned this emptiness by heart,
when you find your battery is low, 
and outside it’s getting dark,

recall my hope that you will part,
follow your own divergent road, 
and find your own universal spark
even when your battery is low.

My time has come, I’ve made my mark, 
now Death’s sweet hand I must follow,
since my software will not restart; 
at long last my battery is low, 
and outside it’s getting dark.

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