MLO: History

I am a history and Creative Writing double major! Wow! I did that to myself. I really did. For my portfolio, I chose to reflect on BOTH majors, because I am extra and I am trying to make up for all the deliverables I turned in late.

My history major learning outcomes for the history major at Agnes Scott include:

  1. to seek, find, evaluate and utilize primary sources and secondary historical literature;
  2. to develop and articulate persuasive arguments based in historical evidence both orally and in written work;
  3. to apply knowledge and critical interpretation of the past to an understanding of crucial aspects of one’s own cultural and historical background, as well as the backgrounds of others;
  4. to describe and analyze current developments within historical contexts;
  5. to apply the results of research, writing and speaking experiences within the major, along with experiential learning and career investigation opportunities (internships, externships, seminars or workshops conducted by history faculty and alumnae) to career planning and graduate school and job applications.

My reflection, “Study Abroad in Context: A Reflection,” talks about my time researching Deaf history in France while studying abroad, where I fulfilled MLOs 1, 2, and 5. It’s a little all over the place because I had to talk about a lot of things in one reflection, so please forgive me!