When a Book Finds You at Just the Right Time

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn found me when I was 11, the same age as the main character when the book begins. A Little Paris Bookshop found me just after a breakup. To the Lighthouse found me a few weeks ago— I guess I’ll figure out what brought her to me in the retrospective. But…

Gen-Z Job Hunting

Yes, I am Generation Z, thank you very much. Born in 1996, I fall between Millennial destruction and Gen-Z technological savoir-faire. I mean, I say things like “savoir-faire.” So I’m not exactly easy to categorize.  But the evidence is against me; being born in 1996 puts me in Generation Z, if we’re ignoring the fact that…

Dappled II: Flame and Glow

Like first-flight birds, the days together flow. Breathing deeply, I know where I have been. Life dapples the soul with flame and sorrow. Helios’ disc in my eyes rises slow. I stop and let (some) soft healing begin. Like lazy waves, the days together flow. Wind shakes songs from the trees, songs I used to know….

Unedited Poem #7: Dappled

life dapples skin, at one time  full of light, warm and bright and  beautiful; at another time deep, dark and shivering.  life dapples skin.  the days  breathe.